Managing Change & Worry for 10-12 yrs.

Reflexology and Creative Workshop for Parents and their Children

  • Started 29 Jul
  • 25 British pounds
  • The Beehive, Hogmoore Inclosure

Service Description

When your Tween is going through a time of change it can be a worrying period for both child and parent and affect other family members. Worry can come from a variety of sources – from the big ‘Life Changes’ of moving to Secondary School to the physical transformation that puberty brings. These seismic shifts are experienced bodily – affecting emotions and well being. This introductory workshop, designed for 10-12 year olds and their parents is in two halves. During the first half Holly will teach parents a gentle reflexology routine for use at home to aid relaxation and reduce Stress. During the second half Ruth will run an art therapy session and will show parents and children creative circuit-breakers designed to soothe and calm. Both segments will focus on anticipating moments of tension, looking at techniques and strategies to defuse these moments of Anxiety. Both are designed to provide you with a ‘toolkit’ to support your child through the uncertainty, teaching skills that are valuable both now and in the future. A little about Holly…… Holly is a qualified reflexologist and has experience treating children and tweenagers but also teaching parents short routines to use at home during the covid lockdown. Reflexology is an amazing non invasive therapy which allows the child to be at ease with only the removal of shoes and socks. It is a gentle therapy working through all the body systems to provide relief from stress as well as aid the body with physical changes. It allows time to switch off from the world, a skill that not many of us have! 'It's so relaxing, I feel like I'm asleep but I'm not. When can I come again?' E' Age 9 A little about Ruth…… Ruth is an Illustrator and Artist who has worked with KS1/KS2 children in a variety of Teaching and Caring roles, often including Art & Craft. She has a Foundation in Art, runs Art Workshops/Parties for kids and is in the process of completing her BA Hons in Illustration at UCA Farnham. She firmly believes in the therapeutic benefits of the Creative Process and its ability to create a whole body experience that engages different parts of the brain, and removes us from the ruts we get stuck in!! “When experiencing….Art, a curious exchange takes place; the work projects its aura, and we project our own emotions…onto the work. Our bodies and movements are in constant interaction with the environment; the world and the Self inform and redefine each other constantly.” ― Juhani Pallasmaa

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