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Why does my tummy rumble during my treatment?

It happens all the time, tummies rumble during treatments, there’s no need to apologise!

This is a very good sign, it means your body is responding in a positive way to your reflexology session.

Many people come for regular reflexology as part of their well being and stress management; we are all living more and more in a constant state of stress.

When you apologise for your tummy rumbling I smile and tell you not to worry! I will tell you it’s a really positive sound. I will tell you that it is your body responding to relaxing, that your digestive system slows down when you are stressed out! So hearing your tummy rumble is a great way of knowing that the treatment is working.

Now for the science behind your rumbly tummy

Our bodies have 2 nervous system responses, these are the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems.

Due to living with a high amount of stress we are spending a lot of time in the sympathetic response, some of the physical changes that occur are a higher heart rate, larger supply of blood to the lungs and muscles, there is also an increase in hormone levels. This all happens to give us a better chance of survival in case we had to out run a dinosaur!

Which of course is not something we have to do now, but stress is necessary for survival. Although we are not meant to spend long periods of time in this response as it is not healthy for our bodies or minds.

When you come for your reflexology session one of the goals is to help you back into parasympathetic response, where your body can start to shift into rest mode. One of the first signs of this is that the digestive system starts to switch back on, and it starts to rumble away.

Being in the parasympathetic state also helps your immune system, blood will travel more to other areas such as the stomach, intestines and reproductive organs. Also the hormone responsible for stress (cortisol) is lowered meaning the body and mind can function much better.

So please do not apologies for your tummy rumbles, take the time to rest, relax and listen to your body

Holly xx

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