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Why Regular Reflexology Works

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Firstly how regular is regular? The majority of my clinets have a reflexology session every 6 weeks or so. I personally have a reflexology session every 6 weesk as part of my wellbeing.

I feel this is true for the majority of my clients too. They enjoy a regular ‘top up’ for their own wellbeing. Reflexology is their time for relaxing and recharging. Many of my clients see their 6 weekly sessions as part of their body and mind maintenance. For these clients reflexology is what works for their health and wellbeing routine.

There are other clients who enjoy reflexology and come for support with an existing health issue, this could be anything from anxiety, hormone balancing, digestive problems or pain management. With clients coming for support with their health we build a treatment plan together which can be changeable depending on the specific symptoms.

Lots of clients begin coming every 2 weeks and gradually decrease the frequency to 4-6 weeks. This plan of very regular sessions helps the body and mind relax enabling the body to heal and help itself. Once the body id under good maintenance the sessions normally decrease. The plan usually sees good results for the client.

Of course there are others who have complementary therapy as a treat, they might come a couple of times a year for a birthday or special date.

When clients come regularly I can really get to know them and can work very individually to their needs. It’s also great to build relationships and get to know a little about people’s lives, sometimes clients will have a little doze and others have amazing conversations about all sorts!

I personally think regular reflexology is a great way of keeping your welling ‘topped up’ for your body and mind.

Holly x

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