• Holly Littlebird

Cold Hands Cold Feet? Warm Heart?

Oh my goodness hasn’t the temperature dropped in the last week or so!

Lots of us are now digging out our winter socks and gloves, as many of us really feel the cold in our hands and feet, but why.....?

It’s because we are warm blooded humans, our bodies are amazing at self regulating our temperature. When it gets colder our bodies restrict the blood vessels found in our extremities (hands and feet) so that it can keep our vital organs nice and warm (meaning our hands and feet get cold!)

Reflexology is great for your circulation and many clients who arrive with cold feet (especially in the autumn and winter months) leave with lovely warm toes!

Now I know it is not possible to have reflexology daily through the cold months so here are some other helpful tips to keep warm.

Layers of clothing – a great way of keeping body heat, and if you warm up you can always remove a layer. When out and about keep those hands and feet warm with cosy gloves and socks, don’t forget your hat too!

Cosy home – are you like me and like to sneak the thermostat up a little? But heating can be expensive so there are other ways of keeping warm. Pop a jumper and slippers on, have plenty of blankets to snuggle under, keeping doors and curtains closed can help keep the heat in a room. Also only heat the rooms you use on a regular basis.

Nice warm drink – I love a cuppa tea (and a biscuit) there isn’t anything else like a hug in a mug! But it doesn’t have to be tea and coffee (you don’t want to overdo it on the caffeine). Herbal teas or hot water with a slice of lemon/ ginger can be soothing and lovely. A nice warm drink not only keeps your hands warm but also helps to keep your temperature even.

Active Body – by keeping your body active you keep your blood flowing, boosting your body temperature, try to incorporate movement and exercise into your day.

Office environment – if you work in an office all day it’s important to get up from your desk and move, helping to keep you moving and warm. Also hand exercise is a good way to help the circulation to your hands, flexing and making circle with your wrists, opening and closing your fists, stretching your fingers. If you really suffer from cold hands then fingerless gloves are great to wear in the office as they will help to keep your hands warm as well as enabling you to type.

I hope you keep warm this winter

Please leave any keeping warm tips in the comments below

Holly x

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