• Holly Littlebird

6 months of lockdown!

Mummy, wife, therapist, self employed oh and Me!

It has been 6 months since we went into lockdown. My world as many others did changed overnight.

My husband was working from home, working his full time hours but at the dining room table! My son was home and was being asked to do his school work at home! My toddler who was used to being at home with just Mummy and going to lovely groups was suddenly at home with everyone everyday!

I felt completely lost; I had 3 other people around me all day every day. And I’d had to close my Reflexology business, my one thing.

As a reflexologist I see people, I chat, I listen, I provide physical and emotional support. I love my ‘job’ I find it just as therapeutic as my clients and it was gone.

How I made it work for me

It was a tough time with emotions running high from everyone; we had good days and bad days. Because I couldn’t physically see clients I focused on my family for the first part of lockdown.

Then I did what everyone else did and went online! I knew people were really suffering with anxiety and sleep problems so I recorded hand reflexology sessions for self care. I also held some zoom sessions for parents to learn how to use reflexology in their own homes with children who were worried.

I also took on some training courses

Facial Reflexology

Mindfulness Reflexology

Both of which will be available from Mid-October to book

I had a beautiful treatment room/ office built in the garden

It was really hard to watch lots of other industries opening when we couldn’t start to offer reflexology until much later. It was amazing to see so many people get behind the reflexologists and massage therapists to lobby the government.

I spent time with my family, we learnt together how to make this madness work! Once we were able to go out for longer periods of time we spent a lot of time at the local beach, early mornings and late evenings. Time to sit still away from our own four walls, it was that clarity that the mind longed for, the space for the children to just be themselves. It took my mind off of my business which was sat waiting for me to be able to work again.

So 6 months on....

I have learnt that I love my business, and enjoy the contact with so many different people.

I need to take a break every now and then.

I never want to go that long without reflexology (or a haircut) again!

My children are amazing but my goodness do they need social interaction.

I love my husband and don’t mind him being at home (in the office).

I am pleased to say I am open for reflexology sessions and am delighted to see so many of my old clients and new back in the treatment room.

If you are unsure about having a treatment at the moment then I have my YouTube channel

with self help hand reflexology sessions

If you'd like to know more about reflexology please visit my website LittleBirdReflexology

I hope to see you in my chair very soon

Holly x

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