Kid's Reflex 

Babies, Tots and Teens

Reflexology is for all ages and stages of life, reflexology is an amazing treatment for babies as it can be used from birth. The Children's Reflexology Programme was developed by Susan Quayle and she is providing training all over the world to reflexology practitioners. I completed the training in 2018. 

The Children's Reflexology Programme enables me to teach parents and carers how to use the skill of reflexology in their own home. It's a great addition to your parenting tool box. 

I provide many different ways of learning Kid's Reflex from 5 weeks courses to one off workshops, in groups or individually, face to face or online. At all courses and workshops you will come away with the knowledge of how to use reflexology and a handout to work from at home. 

The topics covers are from baby to teenagers - please contact me if you like to know more about the Kid's Reflex courses and workshops.

Ages ranges below 

Baby 0-1 years       Toddler (1-4 years)         Child (5-10 years)     

Baby Courses (0-1year)

6 week course 

Introduction into Reflexology




Pre and post Immunisation 

Teething / Colds 

Sleep and Rest (includes copy of The Mouses House story book) 

Ante-natal / Newborn (third trimester - 3 months)

The routine learnt in this one off workshop can be used from birth.

Therefore the class is taught during pregnancy or shortly after birth.

This routine is designed to help ease your baby in to the big world and

help to kick start the natural body systems such as digestion and sleep. 

Happy Tummy, Happy Mummy (0 - 6 months) 

Learn the reflexes on your babies feet to help aid their tummies. Its a big change

for our babies tummies when they come into the big world and sometimes they

just need a little help to them working. In this 2 part workshop you will gain the

skills needed to sooth your  baby and their tummy. You will cover:  





Toddler Courses (1-4 years)

6 week course 

Introduction to reflexology 

Toileting and Bed Wetting 

Tummies and Teeth

Coughs and Colds


Sleep (includes a copy of The Mouses House Story Book)

Baby and Toddler Workshops - 1 session 


A workshop dedicated to helping toddlers who are suffering with allergies and how reflexology can support their natural systems 

Bed Wetting

A routine that can provide comfort to both parent and child, working on the reflexes that are associated with the brain, bladder and more to provide a boost to these areas of the body

Immune Boost 

Give your toddlers immune system a natural boost by working the reflexes associated with the immune system 


This workshop looks at the order the teeth appear and how reflexology can ease the pain and discomfort of emerging teeth

Sleep Tight 

Learn a gentle bedtime routine and story to aid sleep and rest

Including hardback copy of The Mouses House Story Book 

(£10 without story book) 

Children's Workshops (5-10 years) 

All of the above  where appropriate 


Looking at how we can support children through times of worry and stress.